Write Sinister - New details and timeline

I've spent the weekend hammering out my story for the 2nd round of the NYC Midnight competition, but I wanted to update you on development of my new podcast.

I've already received several story submissions, which is beyond awesome, and I'm reviewing them now.  I'd like to thank my good friend Indi Martin (go check out her wonderful artwork) for putting the word out to her networks.

My plan is to get scripts and outlines written for the first three episodes by mid-April, and then record those episodes at the beginning of May.  I'll release one episode per week starting in mid-May.

Things I still need to figure out: 1) Will each podcast be 30 mins or an hour?  2) Will I read someone else's work every episode, or reserve some episodes for discussions and miscellanea?  3) How the heck do I actually use Audacity to make a podcast?  4) Is my voice stupid and terrible?  5) Where do I want to host the thing - here or on a dedicated site? 6) Probably lots of other things.

So.  Progress continues apace, which is better than I usually do.  Keep sending me stories to read on the podcast!