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Grammar thing of the day: The Interrobang?!

The Interrobang is a thing that should really be used more often.

Word of the day: Effluvium.

ef·flu·vi·um (-flv-m)
n. pl. ef·flu·vi·a (-v-) or ef·flu·vi·ums
1. A usually invisible emanation or exhalation, as of vapor or gas.
a. A byproduct or residue; waste.
b. The odorous fumes given off by waste or decaying matter.
3. An impalpable emanation; an aura.
[Latin, from effluere, to flow out; see effluent.]


Example: Herman Cain talked about "used food" at the Republican debate. I thought that "used food" was a euphemism for the effluvium that tends to emanate from Republican candidates' mouths most of the time.

Something to lighten up your Monday.


Thoughts on the Occupy movement

An interactive guide to NPR's 100 best sci fi/fantasy novels

Link in post title. Great interactive flowchart for figuring out which book in NPR's list you might want to read next. I did notice one error on it - it lists Ursula K. LeGuin's book The Dispossessed as being about "communism." It's not - it's a book exploring the notion of an anarchist utopia.

Still, not a bad tool for finding new stuff to read.