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The flotilla incident

(Edit: There's a lot going on in the world, and while I have converted this blog to focus on fiction writing, I'm still a political animal, and sometimes I have to speak out.)

There are more questions than answers right now. The facts as we know them:

1) A "flotilla" of ships was headed toward Gaza.

2) This "flotilla" was asked by Israeli authorities to divert to Ashdod.

3) The "flotilla" refused to divert, was confronted by Israeli authorities, and people were killed.

As far as I can tell from what I'm reading, those are the only concrete facts that have been established.

Things that have not yet been established, but are being speculated on and used as rallying points for various angry parties:

1) What was the "flotilla" actually carrying? Food? Medicine? Weapons?

2) Who fired first?

I haven't seen a single objective report on this situation. People are posting videos all over the web that seem to support one side's view o…

When do we open our eyes?

Let's recap the last few years. Briefly.

1) The economic system collapsed because the financial market wasn't sufficiently regulated by the government. As a result, millions lost their homes, their jobs, their livelihoods. The people who caused the problem gave themselves a nice bonus at our expense. The vast majority of Americans sat back in disbelief, completely unable to do anything about anything, because the decisions that caused so much chaos and destruction were being made in corporate boardrooms and stock trading floors that the average American had no access to or right to vote in.

2) 29 miners were killed in an explosion because the mining industry wasn't sufficiently regulated by the government, and the owner of that particular mine found it to his economic benefit to pay fines repeatedly rather than fix a myriad of safety violations. The miners who were killed weren't even given the benefit of a right to organize into a union, where they would at least …

Cylons vs. Klingons

Cylons vs. Klingons“Vodka is not meant to be drunk straight.”“Russians do it.”Jesse looked at me, still holding the bottle.“Well they're Russian.”“I could be Russian.”“You're not Russian.”“God, it burned my lips!”I squinted at him.I don't wear my glasses when I'm sitting at my laptop, so things far away tend to be blurry.“God, how much of that have you had?”He'd been making himself screwdrivers for a couple of hours.“Not much.”He showed me the bottle, which to my unglassed eyes looked as if it had been pixellated.In other words, it was blurry as hell.But it was clearly still mostly full.“I just wanted to know what it tasted like.”I repeated, “Vodka is not meant to be drunk straight.It tastes like fire.”Still, I shouldn't be one to criticize him for drinking.I'd gone through entire bottles of sherry in one night before.I'd gone through entire liters of whiskey in two or three nights.Recently, I'd started to cut down a bit, but tonight I had a shiny n…